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Who In The World Is Luke Chueh?

Who In The World Is Luke Chueh?Don't fret if you have never heard the name Luke Chueh as you can learn about the designer and painter right here. This post will also discuss a must-have piece of his art. He was born in Philadelphia, but the family moved, and he was actually raised in Fresno. The Golden State offered him a chance to learn all about graphic design. Chueh, which is pronounced CHU, earned his Bachelor of Art & Design at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo.

After obtaining his degree, Chueh got hired on at the Ernie Ball Company. There, he worked in-house as an illustrator/designer. While employed with this organization, the talented artist had several award-winning pieces published in Communication Arts and Print Magazine. Not to mention, he also designed, wrote, edited, and published "E.X.P." It was a work devoted to the Intelligent Dance Music genre.

Still, though, Chueh wanted more. He moved to Los Angeles in 2003 to pursue his design career further. Unfortunately, what he found were very few opportunities. The designer started to paint to pass the time, but this was merely a hobby that he had picked up in college. However, Cannibal Flower, an underground L.A. art show, soon gave him his start. Ever since, Chueh has become an artist who is slowly but surely becoming a household name. After all, simple animals, minimal colors, and ill-fated situations have been displayed in various galleries across the globe.

A Piece Of Art Worthy Of Being Added To Any Collection

Honey Bear is a Luke Chueh masterpiece from 2008. It is easy to view from a range of distances as it is the perfect size at 16×20-inches. Persons can use the unit to spruce up their living room, bedroom, den, or office. It features a white bear front and center who is holding the head of a bear-shaped honey container above its head. A portion of the delicious substance is making its way into the animal's mouth. Meanwhile, the rest is running down his or her arms. The color scheme is mild and sure to match with almost any room's existing decor.

To make things even better, this gem is signed and numbered as number 5 out of only 200 that were created. It can serve as a conversation starter as visitors will most assuredly appreciate the piece's beauty. Then again, the owner will likely enjoy looking at it day in and day out as well.