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Useful Information About The Life And Art Of Mr. Brainwash

Useful Information About The Life And Art Of Mr. BrainwashThierry Guetta, aka Mr. Brainwash, is a French-born artist that has been creating contemporary art for over a decade. He combines pop and street art to amaze the world with his fearless and innovative style. This genius is well known for his collaboration with Banksy on the acclaimed documentary, Exit Through the Gift Shop. It is an Academy nominated film, which explores the progression of the street art movement.

Mr. Brainwash has created album covers for musicians such as Madonna, KYGO, and Rick Ross. Plus, the artist's works have been displayed at art shows and exhibits throughout the world. As if those things weren't enough, there is still more. His artwork can be seen in various TV shows and movies, such as...

  • The Kardashians
  • Shameless
  • Molly's Game

Guetta has even teamed up with major brands like Coca-Cola, Marvel Comics, and Hublot to create amazing pieces. He travels the world for seminars. Some of the more well-known venues include but are not limited to Columbia University, Semi-Permanent, which is a creative conference in Australia, and UCLA.

Let's Move On To Some Of The Masterpieces That Are Available

1. Spider-Man – Hand Finished Edition

This artwork features the web-swinging crusader front and center. The name Spider-Man is also located at the top. Vivid and bold paint splatters are all across this screen print on archival paper. It is hand-signed and numbered out of only 55 that were printed in 2019. The art is 49×37-inches, which means it is large enough to attract attention wherever it is hung. It could prove to be a perfect fit for an office, living room, den, or virtually anywhere. So, don't wait too long to act as this piece is sure to move fast.

2. Barack Obama

This 2009 Silver Edition creation displays the former president in a Superman suit. He is standing in front of an American flag, instilling confidence and inspiration. It is also signed and numbered out of 500 by the artist. It has the dimensions of 21.25×41.5-inches, making it easy to see from a range of distances. One can't help gaze at the bright colors and self-confident image. As such, this piece can be great for an office, home, or school. It can serve as a conversation starter to break the ice during an event or meeting and will motivate onlookers to always put their best foot forward.