This And That About Cleon Peterson And His Works

This And That About Cleon Peterson And His WorksCleon Peterson is a world-renowned artist that is based in Los Angeles. He was born in Seattle in 1973 and experienced asthma during his childhood years. Although the situation might not have been the greatest, it did provide Peterson with an ample amount of time to draw as he was regularly hospitalized. Once he grew older, the bright lights and big city of New York came calling Cleon's name. There, he began experimenting with drugs and became an addict. Thus, the artist found himself in psychiatric hospitals and jail on more than one occasion. 

While he may not have been at these places under the best of circumstances, they are what gave him his inspiration. Cleon Peterson's art depicts the darker sides of society, that not all persons have experienced, but yet, many individuals live in ghettos, encounter urban violence, and notice the tension of life daily. Besides being merely a painter, Cleon is also a graphic designer who is well known in the skateboarding community.

Many of Peterson's art pieces reveal human figures wielding weapons like nightsticks or guns. According to, the artist explains that the anarchic chaos represents a gray world where law enforcement officers and lawbreakers are one and the same. He powerfully provides viewers with a nightmarish view of violence from the past that still exists today.

Two Pieces Of Art That Definitely Deserve Your Attention

Talk, Talk, Talk – 2019 (Red)

As the name implies, this piece's background is red. Meanwhile, it features a large dark male figure painted in all black. He is sitting with his foot shoved into a white females stomach. Her hands are tied behind her back, there is what appears to be blood splatter on her leg, and the man seems to have her hair wrapped around one arm while his other hand is on her throat. It captures the dilemma of modern domestic violence perfectly. This artwork is 24×18 inches, which means people can view it from a range of distances. Also, it is signed and numbered by the artist. There are only 150 of them in existence.

 The Collaborator 2019

This unit is also signed and numbered out of 150. Like the painting above, this one is 24 x18 inches as well. It shows what appears to be a law enforcement official on the ground. He is holding a rifle of some sort, but standing above him is what resembles a criminal as the figure is in restraints. Either of these pieces can make the statement that you seek. So, consider picking one up today to assure that your friends, neighbors, and family members are envious.