Things To Know About POSE And His Fine Art

Things To Know About POSE And His Fine ArtMany times, viewers look at fine art only to find themselves wondering who the brilliant mind is behind the piece. Unfortunately, this happens more often than one might think. Then, upon hearing the artist's name, the interested party says, "who?" Therefore, this post is going to attempt to shed some light on one of the top modern pop artists in the game today, POSE. 

Who Is POSE?

POSE is also known as Jordan Nickel. He was born in Evanston, Illinois in 1980, but now lives and works in Chicago. The artist gets his inspiration from the world around him. Then, he brings his thoughts to life via outdoor murals and studio paintings. In 2015, CNN called POSE "One to Watch" as they believed he was an up and coming creative talent. The works rely on emotions such as loss, love, and triumph. Most of the pieces feature layers and vivid colors that speak something different to each viewer.

Two POSE Fine Art Pieces Worthy Of Being Hung In Any Home Or Office

1. RIOT 2018

This is a hand embellished screen print that has dangled edges. It is both signed and numbered by the artist. Only 75 of them were created altogether. The print is 22×30-inches, which means you or your guests won't have any difficulty seeing the piece. Its abstract design entails of a split television set complete with bunny ears. Also, the TV has legs and seems to be getting around pretty well. If nothing else, this fine art will serve as an excellent conversation starter. Not to mention, it is sure to brighten up any room and give it an aesthetic appeal.

2. SILL 2018 S/N

Much like Riot, Sill is also signed and numbered by POSE. However, a few more units were produced with this option at 100. Likewise, it is 22×30-inches too. Therefore, it is easy enough to see from a range of distances. It shows the silhouette of a woman looking out her windowsill. Of course, the piece is not your everyday run-of-the-mill oil painting. Rather, its abstractness gets the gears inside the viewer's head turning. There are vivid reds, yellows, pinks, blues, and more, which make the piece stand out. 

Whether a person is looking to liven up their living or office space, they can't go wrong in choosing either of these masterpieces. So, check them out and see what they are all about for yourself. If they don't quite do the trick, many other POSE gems are available.