The Wild And Wonderful Art Of Jerkface

Art means a lot to the world, and everyone has their own favorite styles and ideas about what they enjoy. While there’s nothing wrong with classic styles of art, today’s artists often incorporate past ideas and principles in unique ways. A perfect example of that is the American artist Jerkface.

Jerkface lives and works in New York City and is also referred to as Cartoon Villain. His work is the very definition of pop art, and he uses famous cartoon characters from the last century to create clever pieces that are interesting and filled with nostalgia. His works bring not only feelings of happiness, but optimism and innocence – two things that he himself has said he attempts to bring to those who see his work.

Many of his pieces are found in galleries and exhibits around the world, but he is also famous for his street art. Huge murals covering entire buildings, walls, and vehicles have been created by Jerkface, featuring characters like Homer Simpson, Oscar the Grouch, and even the Care Bears. His street art is as instantly recognizable as his smaller pieces, al filled with color and characters that have been beloved by millions.

Adding the pop art of Jerkface to your home is a great way to remind yourself of your inner child, give a big splash of color and uniqueness to a space, and add a conversation piece that you and anyone who sees it will love. From Superman to Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes, there are plenty of great Jerkface works to choose from. Some of the most popular options include:

  • Double (Main) – This work features the original cartoon superstar, Mickey Mouse. The doubled image may be simple, but it’s enough to capture the imagination and really elevate any room that it is placed in. Plus, it’s signed and numbered and is a limited edition.
  • Pooh – One of the newest works of pop art from Jerkface, this 2018 work features plenty of Poohs. The lovable bear’s classic smile is on full display, and just looking at the signed and numbered piece is enough to make anyone feel a little happier.

No matter which piece you choose, one thing is for sure – adding Jerkface art to your home or business can elevate any room in a huge way and bring happiness, nostalgia, and whimsy to it. His art’s a perfect addition to any pop culture lover’s collection.