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The History Of EPYON5 And His Art


The History Of EPYON5 And His Art

EPYON5 was initially trained in the renaissance style as an oil painter. However, he quickly shifted his focus to a more contemporary style utilizing spray paint, stencils, and techniques from the old world. Many of the artist's works are classic cinema, sci-fi, horror, and comic-inspired. Collectors seek the pieces out worldwide to complete their collections. E5's art has been featured at galleries in...

- Los Angeles
- New York
- San Francisco
- Chicago

    Not to mention, this artist chipped in with the graphic design of the movie, Transformers: Dark of the Moon. He creates thrilling and spooktacular artwork that is perfect for finishing off the look of any living space, den, man/woman cave, or even a relaxed office. So, interested parties should stay right here to learn about some of his masterpieces that are available.

    Top-Notch EPYON5 Art For Sale

    1. Ferreus Humanus 2016

    For all of the superhero fans out there, this unit could be right up your alley. Firstly, there were only 150 of these pieces created. This one is signed and numbered by the artist. It is 18×24-inches, which means it will be easy to see from a range of distances. The owner, friends, neighbors, and everyone will enjoy viewing the vivid colors and detailed designs. Front and center is an image of Iron Man with what appears to be a flash of light coming from behind him. The outside border is black with various white designs.

    2. Lord Darth Vader 2016

    This EPYON5 artwork is also 18×24-inches. However, there were only 55 of these pieces made. This one is signed and numbered as well. Star Wars enthusiasts can buy the unit for themselves, or they can even purchase it for that special someone in their life. It has Lord Vader, aka Anakin Skywalker, aka Darth Vader clearly displayed right in the middle of the page. The piece mainly features the colors of black and white, but there are shades of blue, red, and yellow too.

     Last, But Certainly Not Least

    3. Hail Caesar 2016

    For folks looking for something highlighting another villain, this work is all about the Joker. As with the other two options, this one is 18×24-inches as well. Like the Lord Darth Vader piece, there are only 55 in this collection too. Once again, the artwork is signed and numbered. The picture has plenty of bright colors that are sure to brighten up any room.