The Amazing Work Of Fin DAC

the-amazing-work-of-fin-dac The right piece of art cannot only showcase your sense of style and taste, but can also create an environment that inspires you and those who see it. That’s why finding that perfect piece is so important, and why Fin DAC is an artist that deserves a closer look from anyone looking to add something stunning to their home, office, or other property.

Fin DAC is an Irish born artist who is based in London. And like many of today’s most popular artists, it’s entirely self-taught. He has developed an incredible reputation for himself for creating his own unique style – a style he calls Urban Aesthetics. Bursting onto the scene in 2008, he’s already turned many heads in the art world.

Fin DAC generally focuses on modern day geishas – stunning ladies of Asian descent that imbue his work with a sense of beauty. That beauty is enhanced with mystery as Fin DAC uses stencils, painting styles, and spatters of colors to place vibrant colors around the eyes of his subjects, like masks that were splashed onto their faces.

He got his start when a friend – artist T-Wat – asked him to create a graffiti painting in front of an art show featuring Banksy. Passers-by saw the work, and his career quickly took off. Primarily influenced by dark novels and graphic novels, he now exhibits with many of the world’s most well-known artists including Nick Walker and Goldie.

Already, Fin DAC has worked around the globe. One of his biggest impacts was in 2011 at the Crimes of Minds project where his geisha wowed the world. His work can be seen in a variety of countries and cities including:

  • Montreal
  • Los Angeles
  • Dusseldorf
  • Madrid
  • Brussels
  • London
  • Portsmouth
  • And more

Additionally, the Radisson Edwardian group has designated him as one of the ‘emerging artists’ of England. Simply put, he’s an artist on the rise and one whose work is already highly coveted in the art world.

Adding his work to your own property has never been easier, either. For example, his “Shionya” piece from 2016 is available in Alkaline, presenting beauty and mystery with a vibrant pop of color. Or, his work titled “Samurann” can be purchased as well, and is available in three color tones including: Red, White, and Gold.

Regardless of which you pick, these are artistic works that will stand out and truly transform any room that they are placed into.