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Spruce Up Your Home Or Workplace With These Mr. Brainwash Art Prints

   Spruce Up Your Home Or Workplace With These Mr. Brainwash Art PrintsIt can be quite challenging to decorate the rooms of a house. The individual must choose paint schemes, furniture, and other furnishings that complement each other. Such pieces allow the homeowner's unique style to shine. The same can be said for office spaces as well. After all, business owners want their workplaces to stand out, inspire, and have a touch of class. 

Regardless of whether an individual is decorating their home or workplace, they can't go wrong in choosing art prints by Mr. Brainwash, also known as Thierry Guetta. He is a French-born artist that combines materials such as spray paint and photographs to create magnificent masterpieces. Any of his pieces can prove to be just what the doctor ordered for sprucing up any house or office. 

The remainder of this article is going to focus on some of the art prints available via Multitude Gallery. Hence, persons looking to make their walls pop should stay put and read on. There is sure to be something here that they will like.

1. Obama Vs. McCain – 2008


Before there was Donald Trump vs. Hilary Clinton or Barack Obama versus Mitt Romney, Obama and John McCain went toe to toe. This 25×35.125-inch piece commemorates just that. It features the faces of the two presidential hopefuls standing nose to nose. Their heights, weights, and the date are also listed on the poster. For the most part, everything is black and white. However, the names are on a red rectangle. Plus, there are splashes of blue paint at the bottom. This work is signed and numbered by Mr. Brainwash, out of only 300 that were printed. The print is perfect for anyone that is into politics and wants to remember a part of history.

2. Mona Linesa – 2009


Everybody knows about Leonardo DaVinci's Mona Lisa. Either they have heard a little something about the piece, viewed it in a movie, or seen it in person. This 15×22-inch art print offers an interesting and unique perspective of that work. The lined picture is on a white backdrop and was created with black spray paint. At the bottom of the poster, there are paint runs that provide even further aesthetic appeal. Mona Linesa is also signed and numbered, 33 out of 50, by Mr. Guetta. It can give any room a touch of sophistication and class.