Must-Have Art Prints For Batman Fans By Marko Manev

Must-Have Art Prints For Batman Fans By Marko Manev

Many of us grew up watching Batman cartoons, TV shows, and movies. There is something about the Caped Crusader that captivates the audience and keeps them wanting more. Then again, some folks tuned in for the interesting villains. The point is that there are Batman fans all across the globe. If you happen to be one of them, then you have come to the right place.

The art prints we will discuss today feature Batman characters. They can be hung on a wall in one’s home or office as décor. Teachers may even want to place them in classrooms to get the attention of their students. These posters can also be great gifts, especially since Christmas is just around the corner. Whatever the case might be for you, read on to learn more about these art prints from Marko Manev.

1. Batman

This piece measures 13 × 19 inches, and Manev created it in 2019. It is a hand-numbered Giclee print perfect for any collector. Skyscrapers can be seen towering in the background, while shorter buildings are in closer proximity to the viewer. Batman is in the center perched atop a roof, his cape spread wide in the shape of wings. There is plenty of attention to detail with the lit windows and power lines. You will also be taken aback by the bolt of lightning behind the superhero.

2. The Joker

Those who are more interested in bad guys will want to have this Giclee print. It was also created in 2019, it is hand-signed, and it measures 13 × 19 inches. At first glance, the giant Ferris wheel in the back will catch people’s attention. Then, upon further review, they will notice the Joker standing in front of it with his arms out. Fog is around him, providing a wicked glow. Broken barriers, a glimpse of a roller coaster, and hanging flags round things off.

These are only a couple of art prints by Marko Manev. However, we have many other options available. Look around our website and place your order to get the works you want before they are all gone. Posters and prints are rolled in thick tubes for shipping. Craft and tissue paper are placed inside them as well to keep the items safe during transport. Shipments are insured for their full value too. So go ahead and spoil yourself or loved ones this holiday season.