Have You Heard Of WRDSMTH?

Have You Heard Of WRDSMTH?No, the title of this post does not contain gibberish. WRDSMTH is the name of a Los Angeles-based street artist. He paints and pastes thoughts and phrases onto walls around the world. They are uplifting and inspiring messages that help people get through the everyday grind. However, the artist has also designed art prints that consumers can purchase to bring joy into their homes, offices, or wherever.

Additionally, WRDSMTH is a published author as well. His novel, the Holden age of Hollywood, is a delightful read that everyone should check out. Now, let's move on to some of the available art prints. They can prove to be perfect choices for livening up your walls.

Look No Further Than Right Here For Your WRDSMTH Art Prints

1. Blush

Blush is a 2019 limited edition screen print that was created by WRDSMTH and Brett Crawford. Both artists signed and numbered the work. It features the beloved Peanuts characters of Lucy and Schroeder. Instead of playing the piano, Schroeder is typing on a typewriter. Meanwhile, the message displayed reads, "Love the way you blush when I tell you how you shine." The 24×30-inch print is in black and white. It can prove to be just what the doctor ordered for sprucing up your place.

2. Never Be Afraid To Reinvent Yourself

This piece is also a limited edition screen print that is signed and numbered. Once again, it contains Schroeder and Lucy. However, they are in different positions, and Lucy has purple hair. The splash of color stands out among the black and white shades. "Never be afraid to reinvent yourself" is the promoted slogan. This work is smaller than the one mentioned above at only 12×16-inches. It is still worthy of a look, though. A fan of Peanuts can't go wrong with either of these two art prints.
3. My Palette

Lastly, but certainly not least, is this hand-embellished pigment print. It is signed and marked out of only 26 that were printed. Additionally, the work comes with a letter of authenticity from House of Roulx. The letters of the alphabet, A through Z, can be found on this black and white art. It was created in 2018 and is 12×24-inches. Additionally, in small print toward the bottom, there is a message that reads, "This is my palette. A mere twenty-six deep, yet the possibilities are infinite."