Give Your Clients Something Nice To View With One Of These Fin DAC Masterpieces

With the COVID-19 pandemic in full swing, many people are transitioning into work from home positions. However, some employees must still show up to workplaces to complete 9 to 5 workdays. In either case, whether at a home office or brick-and-mortar office, most people want the places to have pieces of decor that dazzle and amaze their clients. Fin DAC is an Irish-born artist who became self-taught in the amazing city of London.

His style, which he self-describes as "Urban Aesthetics," is absolutely fantastic. The pieces feature gorgeous women from around the globe, wearing colorful splashed-on masks. Mysterious beauty and Asian mystic themes can be found in the works. Any of the artworks can be just what the doctor ordered for breathing life into an office environment. They will catch the eyes of customers and co-workers alike. If those characteristics sound like they are right up your alley, stick around to learn about some available items.

Samurann (Red) 2017

This piece is signed and numbered, out of only 30, by the artist. It has a ravishing lady front and center. She is wearing a tank top, has pigtails in her hair, and there is a tattoo running from one shoulder to an elbow on one of the woman's arms. The figure's eyes command attention as they appear to stare right into the viewer's soul. Around those peepers is a bright red splashed-on mask.

Meanwhile, the black and white model's backdrop is a darker shade of red that makes the whole thing come together and pop. This artwork measures 20.079×25.787 inches. It will more than do the trick of sprucing up your office.

 Shinoya (Alkaline)

As with Samuran, this 76×56-centimeter piece is also signed and numbered by Fin DAC, but out of 35. Shinoya is primarily black and white, except for the woman's splashed-on mash, which is a vivid and bold shade of green. The lady in the picture is facing the side and glancing back over her shoulder. She has piercing eyes that command attention as well. There are braids in her hair, keeping it pulled back from her face.

Only one of the female's arms can be seen in the shot, and it features a head-shot of a lovely lady, with long and beautiful flowing hair. At the very bottom of the work, black splotches and designs fill the page. If you want a touch of class for your office, you can't go wrong with this piece.