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Give Retro Appeal To Your Living Or Office Space With This Fine Art

Invader, also commonly referred to as Space Invader, is a pseudonym used by a French Artist. The name comes from the classic 1978 arcade game Space Invaders. This individual identifies as an Unidentified Free Artist. He is very much secretive about his identity, but it is known that he graduated from Les Beaux-arts de Paris and la Sorbonne university. Why the secrecy? Well, Invader stays behind a mask so that he can visit his own exhibits without visitors knowing who he is.

The Space Invaders Project Began In 1998

This idea came about to free fine art from the restrictions that museums and institutions often put upon it. The objective was also to liberate the video game characters from television screens and bring them out into the physical world. In the beginning, Invader wanted to create canvases to accomplish this feat. However, he soon discovered that ceramic tiles were the ideal material. They allowed him to adhere the pieces to the walls in Paris and construct pixelized versions of the characters. Now, fine art can be seen in various cities across the globe.

This And That About Home Moon

Space Invader brought Home Moon to life in 2010. It is a limited edition screen print that is both signed and numbered by the artist himself. The piece available through Multitude Gallery is number 43 out of 50 from the Home Series. It features two color silkscreen with three color foils on 310gsm paper. This unit is sure to brighten any room or office as it is vibrant and bold. Interested parties don't have to worry about it being hard to see. The print is 11.5×16.5-inches, which is large enough for them and visitors alike to view each day.

The screen print is on sale for $10,000.00. It has light signs of wear from the printing process as well as age. In other words, the corners are slightly soft, and there are some fine surface scratches. Also, the lower left-hand corner has a small indention, which is noticeable from a distance of about one to two feet. However, this is not an uncommon feature on Invader's works due to his signature square tiling methods. Don't delay too long and let this art slip through your fingers. Instead, inquire about it today and snatch it up before its gone.