Get To Know JC Rivera

Get To Know JC RiveraThere are many, many struggling artists out there trying to make names for themselves in the industry, but JC Rivera is not one of them. He is an American artist who works out of Chicago, Illinois. Even if citizens do not recognize his handle, it is highly likely that they have seen some of his art. Rivera is most well known for his Bear Champ figure, which can be seen on buildings throughout the area.

His art has been featured in galleries and magazines across the globe. Plus, multiple online websites mention the artist or display his masterpieces. JC Rivera has dabbled in a little bit of anything and everything in the past 8-years or so. For instance, some of the jobs he has taken on include…

  • Illustrating, Painting, And Drawing
  • Creating Murals And Digital Art
  • Designing Shoes
  • Giving Refrigerators Makeovers
  • Working On Vinyl Toy Figures

Amateur and professional collectors can't go wrong in choosing one of Rivera's creations. It will certainly provide their home or office with visual appeal. So, don't go away. Instead, stay right here to learn about some of the pieces we have available.

Options Worthy Of Your Consideration

1. JC Rivera – 2018 The Bear Champ OG Vinyl Figure

For those that aren't looking for something to hang on their wall, this figurine could be right up their alley. It is an artist exclusive 4-inch tall collectible. The piece comes in a box that has the other vinyl figures in the collection on display. It will look good on a bookshelf, desk, or just about anywhere. In other words, guests will enjoy the view, and the figure can even serve as a conversation starter. It is not a toy, though, and is recommended for anyone 15-years of age or older.

2. JC Rivera – Knockout

This masterpiece is an original painting on canvas. It shows the beloved Bear Champ taking a punch to the chin. The background is gray, which helps the other vivid reds, whites, and tans take center stage. This artwork features the dimensions of 16×20-inches. As such, it is easy to see from a range of distances. It is an investment that you, family members, guests, or co-workers will enjoy viewing day in and day out. It is notable to mention that the arm landing the knockout blow appears to be the same color as the Bear Champ. Hence, perhaps it is another character from the collection winning the fight.