An Artist That Should Be A Household Name

An Artist That Should Be A Household NameShepard Fairey is a street artist and graphic designer. He is also known as an activist today. The individual has touched the lives of many with his stickers, articles of clothing, and art prints. Perhaps, the piece that he is most famous for is the Obama "HOPE" poster from 2008. However, one can't go wrong in choosing any of this artist's works to add to their collection. They can prove to be just what the doctor ordered for providing a person with inspiration day in and day out.

Of course, the art prints are also excellent for letting an individual's unique style shine in any room around the home. Heck, they can even be hung around the office to make co-workers go ooh and ahh. The artworks can serve as conversation starters too. Any of the pieces will ensure that you and your guests have something to talk about and prevent the conversation from going stale.

Now, the only question is, where can a person purchase art prints by Shepard Fairey? Well, consumers in the market for works from this artist have come to the right place. Posters can be ordered through Multitude Gallery and shipped to their address. Let's take a look at a couple of the available options.

1. Obama Vote – 2008

This nearly mint poster features the 44th president of the United States front and center. At the bottom of the 25×38.5-inch banner is the single word, "VOTE." It is an impactful and meaningful piece that says a lot without really saying much. The poster has beautiful shades of red, white, and blue in all the right places. It can be perfect as a stand-alone decoration or a complementary work to other decors. Anyone looking for Shepard Fairey art can't go wrong in considering this powerful image.

2. Endless Power Provocateurs - 2014

This poster measures 24×34-inches. It is signed and numbered by the artist out of only 200 printed. There is an old-timey gas pump smack dab in the middle of the page. It has the title "Endless Power!" in bold letters at the top. Then, near the bottom, the word obey is highly visible. Also, on each side of the pump, there are slogans. One says, "With Lung Tonic," while the other states, "Petrol For An Unlimited Future." Red, gold, black, and white are the colors featured in this piece. Whatever your intentions are, this Shepard Fairey art might be right up your alley.