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A Closer Look At Mister Brainwash

When it comes to finding a perfect piece of art for your home, you really need to consider a wide range of variables. One of the most important, obviously, is that the piece speaks to you in some way. And for the last several years, the artist known as Mr. Brainwash has been one of the most popular artists working.

Who Is Mr. Brainwash?

Mr. Brainwash is generally referred to as MBW, and his real name is Thierry Guetta. MBW started out as nothing more than a security guard at a used clothing store. Gradually, he and his cousin began to produce street art, creating art that focuses on social commentary and pop culture.

He quickly rose to fame and began to work alongside legendary street artist Banksy. The two worked together on the Banksy directed documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop, and many have agreed that Mr. Brainwash works emulate not only the concepts but the styles of Banksy himself. In fact, some have even suggested that Mr. Brainwash is a very elaborate creation of Banksy and that his works and his very existence are actually Banksy – though this is denied heavily by Banksy. Guetta does agree, however, that Banksy had a huge role in creating his artistic alter ego, even saying that “…I became Banksy’s biggest work of art.”

Art With Attitude

Regardless of who he is, there is no question that Mister Brainwash has been creating stunning, interesting, and gorgeous works of art over his career. Often, the pieces that he creates combine spay paint, photographs of celebrities, and more. He even created a portrait of Jim Morrison using pieces of broken records.

MBW’s art has been in private collections and galleries throughout the world, in addition to still appearing on street walls sporadically and without warning. Capturing the essence of his street art isn’t always easy, but some of his works make truly great additions to any home.

His “Legendary Ali” work from 2017, for instance, captures the attitude, personality, and legend of Muhamad Ali perfectly while his “Obama Superman” is now as iconic as the former president himself.

No matter which piece you feel speaks to you and will look stunning in your home, and no matter who Mister Brainwash really is, one thing remains true – his pop art and street art are iconic and instantly recognizable. If you want a piece that can truly elevate any property and any room, he deserves a closer look.