A Closer Look At Hebru Brantley

The art world has many different layers and many different styles. From sculpture to painting and beyond, each type of art has countless unique artists working within the medium. And when it comes to modern Afro-Futurist Art, few artists can match the excitement and respect generated by Hebru Brantley.

Born in Chicago, Brantley was majorly influenced by the work of the Afro Cobra movement that revolutionized the art world in the 60s and 70s. By blending the rich history of mural and graffiti art with modern sensibilities, Brantley works to change and challenge the traditionally held views of what heroes are.

Using many mediums including oil, watercolor, and even spray paint along with surprising mediums like tea and coffee, Hebru Brantley creates rich color palettes that are layered with ideas and pop art motifs. This generates one of a kind works that have been recognized nationally in shows from Atlanta to Switzerland, London to Seattle.

Hebru Brantley has been a force in the modern art world for over a decade, with his first major exhibit taking place in his hometown of Chicago in 2007. Since then, his work has become known around the world. He has collaborated with major brands and corporations including Nike and Adidas, and major artists and celebrities like Beyoncé have purchased his work to add to their private collections.

Part whimsy, part cultural examination, and all style, Brantley remains one of the most popular artists working today. His most well known creation is likely the ‘Flyboy’ character that he created using the Tuskegee Airmen pilots of World War 2 as inspiration, and it has become synonymous with his work even as he transcends the definition of what art can be.

Brantley’s latest works are inspired by the superhero culture that has become so prevalent around the world. Iconic characters like Batman, Robin, Spider-Man, and more are all combined with Hebru’s unique sensibilities and ideas to create works that are not only interesting, but sure to generate thought and a new take on existing ideas.

Simply put, those looking to enhance their private collection whether at home or in the public space will want to consider what Brantley’s work has to offer. It is the perfect blend of history, creativity, and pop culture and will likely stand out in any collection while also impressing those who are lucky enough to see the works once they are displayed.